A HYMN FOR TODAY – Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay


Come, see the place where Jesus lay,
And hear angelic watchers say,
“He lives, who once was slain:
Why seek the living midst the dead?”
Remember how the Savior said
That He would rise again.

O joyful sound! O glorious hour,
When by His Father’s mighty pow’r
He rose and left the grave!
Now let our songs His triumph tell,
Who burst the bands of death and hell,
And ever lives to save.

The first begotten of the dead,
For us He rose, our glorious head,
Immortal life to bring.
What though the saints like Him shall die?
We share our leader’s victory,
And triumph with our king.

No more we tremble at the grave,
For Jesus will our spirits save
And raise our slumb’ring dust.
O risen Lord, in You we live;
To You our ransomed souls we give,
To You our bodies trust.

O ransomed, let your praise resound,
And in your Master’s work abound,
Steadfast, immovable.
Be sure you labor not in vain;
Your bodies shall be raised again,
No more corruptible. – Thomas Kelly,1806

Tune: PIETY NEW – Funk’s Harmonia Sacra

attrib. C. J. Stanley, 1851

#250 in Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, 2012


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