Why is this Orthodox Jew flying in a plastic bag?

Fascinating blog from “down under” — Bryan Patterson’s Faithworks

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks


This photo is of an Orthodox Jew encased in a giant plastic bag on a flight, according to one report because women are also passengers on the aircraft.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews adhere to a strict set of guidelines that include gender segregation in public.

Israeli news source Haaretz reports that Israeli airline El Al has noticed an increase in the number of ultra-Orthodox men asking to switch seats to avoid sitting next to women. (One woman even sued the airlines for allegedly moving her to the back of a plane after ultra-Orthodox men refused to sit next to her.)

However, other news agencies say that the “flying with women” explanation may not be entirely accurate.

They says the Jewish male passenger is a descendant from the high holy priests of the temple and they are not allowed to walk into or fly over a cemetery, which would render them impure.”


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