A HYMN FOR TODAY – I Will Wake the Dawn With Praises


I Will Wake the Dawn With Praises

Dawn and sunset, fierce and joyful,
Each reflects His mighty ways.
With the sea and sky before me,
I will give Him all my praise.

Stars will joy in praises from me;
“Lesser light” will know my voice.
When I give my God His glory,
Night will hear me and rejoice.

Shout His glory, brothers, sisters;
Laud His name and do His will.
Like the sands upon the shoreline
Are the praises due Him still.

I will wake the dawn with praises!
I will speak His name abroad.
I will worship Him forever,
He my Lord, my only God. with chorus – Sarah J. Furhman, 2001

Tune – Glenda B. Schales, 2001

#143 in Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, 2012

I WILL WAKE THE DAWN WITH PRAISES borrows exuberant language from the Psalms to praise the Creator. Just as the dawn, the sunset, and the starry night praise God, so too the worshiper is overcome with the desire to glorify Him and encourage others to do the same. (Psalm 19:1-6; 57:7-11; 108:1-2)


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