Logos (not the software)

Logos (not the software)


Posted on May 13, 2013 by Hal Hammons

Call me unreasonable, call me paranoid, but I have to say, I feel a bit weird sharing the road with drivers who have NASCAR logos on their vehicles.  If Tony Stewart sticker guy thinks I should have used my turn signal more judiciously, will he feel justified in getting me loose and putting me into the wall?  And what if I find myself between him and Jeff Gordon sticker guy?  Maybe that would be a good time for me to make a pit stop.

I get it, though.  Logos are intended to imply affiliation, not direct identification.  If I put a Houston Astros sticker on my car, it would not make my neighbors fear I might get out of my car and swing at their heads with a baseball bat — and miss, pulling a hamstring.  It would just tell them I like a team with a lower winning percentage than the batting average of its best player.  Chicago Cub fans out there, from all of us Astros fans, you’re welcome.

The associations we claim say a great deal about us.  If I wear a restaurant’s logo on my shirt, people can safely assume I like the restaurant.  It may be that I hate the place, that it’s my wife’s shirt, and that it’s the only clean shirt in the house.  But it’s unlikely anyone will assume that.

No one is going to hell for plugging the wrong restaurant or driver.  But if we are promoting a product, person or industry that is actively opposed to the principles of God, are we not a partaker in evil deeds (2 John 11)?  Can we expose the deeds of darkness (Ephesians 5:11) while shilling for them?

Don’t let your attachment to carnal things cover up your attachment to Jesus.  That’s all I’m saying.


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