Little Things

Little Things

Most of us miss out 
on life’s big prizes. 
The Pulitzer. 
The Nobel. 
Oscars. Tonys.
But we’re all eligible
for life’s small pleasures. 
A pat 
on the back. 
A kiss 
behind the ear.
A four pound bass.
A full moon. 
An empty parking space. 
A crackling fire. 
A great meal. 
A glorious sunset. 
Hot soup.
Ice cold lemonade. 
Don’t fret about 
copping life’s grand awards. 
Enjoy its tiny delights. 
There are plenty 
for all of us.

For decades, I had a copy of this on my office wall “in another life,” but don’t know the author.  It often appears attributed to that great writer, “A. Nonymous.”  The Chairman and CEO of United Technologies, Harry J. Gray, ran it as a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal years ago – but I’m not sure he’s the author.  Anyone out there know the story?

One thought on “Little Things

  1. I don’t know the story behind it, but my father saw the “Little Things” full page ad in the Wall Street Journal years ago (70s or 80’s) and ripped it out and tacked it to our garage wall. He passed away in 2003. He was an avid bass fisherman and highlighted the “four pound bass” line before hanging it. It hung there for years. I typed it up in a smaller version and now have it hanging on the side of my fridge. Just thought to Google it this evening and see if anyone else knew of it.

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