The following points were buried in a thread on my FaceBook page, resulting from a notice the Kindle version of a “marriage-enhancement” book.  It bears repeating in a more prominent v=format.

I have said many times on my FB page (and in many other venues), no human publication is perfect — not even those written by Christians. Thus, everyone has a responsibility to read and hear with a Berean attitude (Acts 17:11).  I have met some who are (or claim to be) members of Christ’s church who do not seem to hold a true understanding of any number of matters, including marriage and attendant issues, and other things as well.

As many others have said, “all truth is God’s truth” – regardless of who says or teaches it. If something is true, we should heed it, regardless of who may have said or taught it. I find that this is something many Christians do not seem to understand, and it has been a topic on my page multiple times — and I am happy for this opportunity to restate these principles once more.

A codicil (which should not need to be stated, but still worth re-framing): One thing this means is that a posting on my blog, or my FB page, of the availability of any given book or other publication does not imply that I completely endorse everything that may be in that publication, or that I necessarily believe every word of it to be true. That is the case whether the authors are Christians, or not. Caveat emptor!


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