Much as I appreciate the outpouring of support from many friends concerning my surgery and recovery, I am strongly moved this morning to make a special prayer request of all my friends who may read this in various cross-posted venues.

Two good brothers will be undergoing kidney transplant surgery tomorrow morning at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, and I am beseeching all my friends who will do so to PRAY fervently about this!

Eric Paige, known to many of my friends from his time in various churches in Texas and California, is “a sweet singer in Israel” – excellent hymn-worship leader – who travels widely training service reps for Mercedes-Benz USA.  But for years he has uncomplainingly endured the process of regular dialysis that I can’t begin to imagine or describe.  You would never know this if you were not around him much.  Eric was scheduled for a kidney transplant in August which was cancelled almost at the last minute – a crushing disappointment.

Whereupon another of our hymn-worship leaders, Dave Malcomson – a firefighter by profession who regularly goes in harm’s way to protect and save lives and serve others – stepped up and offered to donate a kidney.  The outpouring of love and support from the church in Downers Grove which has showered down upon them is truly spectacular – just one more reason it is such a  privilege to serve with one of the most committed band of disciples I’ve ever encountered.

But while we have had special prayers, including several at last Sunday’s service, I would like to expand the “circle” and enlist the help of others.  Both these men are true servant-leaders, and I am asking all who will: PLEASE pray specifically for them, their families, the surgeons and medical personnel who will attend them, so that the procedures may be free of complications, and that, God willing, they may rejoin their families and serve long in health and strength!

The transplant procedures, originally scheduled for the end of the month, have been moved up to tomorrow.  Eric’s wife, Lynn Ormerod Paige, will be posting updates and I will try to cross-post as appropriate.  PLEASE join me in flooding the heavenly throne with petitions on their behalf!


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