Highlights from a string of transplant updates:


From Lynn Paige:  Eric just went back to the OR. Doctors should be putting in 2 other lines to monitor his blood pressure and breathing. Surgery is expected to last about 8 hours.

Dave’s surgery is going well, and should be done soon.  So now we wait.

From Ellen Vaughn, Eric’s daughter:  He’s going to the OR! Now they will do some more prep, stick a few more tubes in him, and then it will be time.

Nurses and Residents were thanking Daddy for being so patient today (he’s been in the pre-op room for 6 hours) and he replied, “I’ve waited 8 years, what’s a few more hours?”

My Comment:  “Sounds T-Totally like Eric!”

 From Angie Malcomson (Dave’s wife):  Just took Eric Paige back to prep him. That means the doctors should be almost done removing Dave’s kidney. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers. Thank you Elaine Petry and Margo for bringing the snacks. Thanks Johnny O. and Shari Whitby for sitting with us.

I’ll post an update as soon as the doctor comes out.

From Edna Paige (Eric’s mother):  Here is a late morning report: Dave is in surgery now. Eric will be getting all his tubes etc and be going in about noon. The transfer will happen this afternoon.

Wonder of wonders, we have our own waiting room. Ladies from the church brought in snacks. Need I say, the 3:30 wake up time was the middle of the night for me.

From Dave Malcomson (no doubt a milli-second before they grabbed his phone!)

Let’s do this! — at Rush University Medical Center.

My comment: “This is SO “Totally Dave” — up & at ’em!”


3 thoughts on “Highlights from a string of transplant updates:

  1. Steve, thank you so much for sharing this incredible story and keeping us updated. As for me and my house, we have been praying throughout the day and will continue to do so. Glad you are progressing, even though not as quickly as you would prefer. From my point of view and my healing process I am going to chalk it up to getting/being “old”!

  2. Thanks so much for the updates! Coincidentally (that’s God working anonymously), our lead article in the bulletin last Sunday was on giving/living generously and told a story of a friend who gave a kidney–impressed the author who said he gave time and treasure generously but was not so sure about giving torso!

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