The Issue of Age in Modern Worship

HT for the link to this post to Samuel Mark Storrs, who says: “Are those who fought and ‘won’ the worship wars 20 years ago surprised when they fall victim?” Indeed, that is only one of many issues raised in the provocative meanderings of this essay (the age discrimination which plagues many churches would be an interesting rabbit to chase) — but let’s stick with this issue for now. Call it “chickens coming hime to roost” or whatever, but the blogger exposes a nerve: those who have lived by the trendy, hipster, cooler, more-spiritual-than-thou fad of the “era” (usually defined as about a decade or so) are discovering that one can as easily die that death as well. For those among “churches of Christ” who are usually years late to the party in terms of mimicking worship trends begun by others, the circle in many places also lags, but is beginning to come ’round. And for those even later to the dance (literally, in some cases) who nibble around the margins and have so far only put toes or feet in this pond, one wants to say: why not catch up and just jump in whole? If the desire is to be like the megachurches all around (or at least a mini-mega pale shadow of that blueprint) — go ahead and quit the pretense of being otherwise, or pretending to be “following the New Testament.” Declare your “brand” and pick your table — it’s a big cafeteria filled with as many choices as human ingenuity can concoct.

Adventures in Faith & Art

Worship Leader PurpleScenario 1: An unemployed worship pastor confided in me recently. He had just candidated with a church and it seemed like a perfect fit. But after a successful interview process where he led worship at the Sunday morning services, the elders pulled him aside for a private conversation. “You’re perfect,” they confided. “But frankly, we’re looking for someone younger.”

Scenario 2: He arrived a little late to our monthly meeting of local worship pastors and leaders, but it didn’t stop him from urgently sharing something. “I’ve got an issue, and I want your opinions,” he interrupted. “I’ve had an influx of musicians in my church lately. They’re really good, and they want to join my worship team.”

“Sounds great. What’s the problem?,” we queried.

His reply caught us off guard, “They’re coming from another church in our area. They said that their church doesn’t want to use them anymore, because…

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