The Potato Bug, William E. Barton

The Potato Bug, William E. Barton.


One thought on “The Potato Bug, William E. Barton

  1. William E. Barton was a Vanderbilt University professor who influenced, among others Henry Lee Swint, longtime history professor at Vanderbilt and director of many theses and dissertations in history, including Ed Harrell’s (professor Swint also signed on to direct my program at Vanderbilt until his illness and ultimately, his death, put my program in limbo until another of his students, Paul Conkin, agreed to assume oversight of program). Barton wrote a series of humorous stories under the banner of two characters, husband and wife Safed and Ketureh (all worth reading but some emphatically Politically Incorrect by today’s academic standards). William E. Barton’s son, Bruce Barton, was perhaps the main proponent in the modern era of the 1920’s to liken Jesus Christ and his apostles to salespersons, using marketing techniques to “sell” their “product.” But back to William Eliezer Barton — herewith one of my favorite of his parables, the Prayer of the Lowly Potato Bug.

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