why I didn’t wait – the feedback

I don’t know the author but this woman is really on to something very important. as the original disclaimer says, Don’t read the post if you are easily offended or blush when someone says “sex.” because it says sex like 100 times.

The wife & times of Reverend Wootton

As I figured, the last post has gotten a ton of traffic. I’m praying that it is helpful and healing to many who read it, offering the kind of wisdom, hard-bought in my case, to be heeded for those facing decisions about their sexuality and singleness.

Along with the ton of traffic, I’ve gotten some really good feedback from folks who had some questions and a little bit of push back. I more than welcome it. In fact, I love it. I firmly believe that individual experience is unique and should be treated as special, that my experience is not going to be the same as yours and vice versa. I also always want to be open to critique and questions from sincere and seeking people who want an honest dialogue about important issues like sexuality.

Two things I have to point out that I didn’t do for multiple reasons…

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