This is the 100th hymn I have posted on this blog since I began in March 2013. It is one of 25 we recently recorded in Tampa for the 3rd Sumphonia Hymn CD, now in production.

El Elyon
Pavilioned high above the earth
And clothed in majesty,
His robe is light, His path the wind,
His age, eternity.

The earth abounds with all His works;
In wisdom they were made.
And from His hand we take our fill;
His blessings do not fade.

From day to day and night to night,
His majesties unfold:
Without a word, the heav’ns proclaim
The Mighty One of old.

CM ( – C. E. Couchman, 2004
Based on Psalm 19:1-6, Psalm 97:9, Psalm 104:1, 3, 24-28 Tune: EL ELYON – C.E. Couchman, 2004
# 63 in Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, 2012


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