Another of the hymns we recently recorded in Tampa for the 3rd Sumphonia CD.

The evening light is failing;
The sun has passed away;
Our Father’s hand is veiling
The splendor of the day,
But still we know His favor
And see it shine more bright
In Jesus Christ our Savior,
Our pure and changeless Light.

In peace beyond all sorrow,
We let our eyelids close,
Unworried by tomorrow,
Untroubled by our foes.
Our Shepherd will not fail us;
He watches for His sheep;
No evil will assail us,
For He will never sleep.

Our God, as we adore You,
We learn that life shall pass;
All flesh is dust before You,
Its glory, like the grass.
But You will not forsake us
Nor leave Your word undone;
From darkness You will wake us
To glory like the sun. – M. W. Bassford, 2005

Tune: EVENSONG – Matthew L. Harber, 2005

#320 in Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, 2012


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