My Top 5 King James Bibles

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As the bestselling Bible, there are many King James Bibles in print. There is just about one for every occasion. How does one even begin to narrow it down? The following are five King James Bibles that I would recommend for every KJV-reader to own. I am not listing these in any particular order, since they are all valuable, and I suggest everyone have a copy of each.

1. The English Bible: Norton Critical Edition

The English Bible: Norton Critical Edition is an academic study Bible edition of the KJV. It comes in two volumes, the Old Testament and New Testament with OT Apocrypha. Unlike most KJV study Bibles today, this one is designed to be a university and seminary textbook, and is academic in content rather than doctrinal. Reading this Bible, the notes remind me of the New Oxford Annotated Bible (4th ed.), which is a standard text…

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How the KJV Has Changed

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1638 King James Bible

Many people do not know it, but the KJV has been updated several times over the years. It was originally printed in a time without dictionaries and standardized printing, so many textual variations were introduced. In addition, the KJV was originally printed in a Gothic font that most could not understand, which prompted a later update to a Roman font.

After being published in 1611, the KJV was revised in 1613, 1629, and 1638 (mostly by the original translators). A major revision was done by Cambridge in 1762, and the very significant standard Oxford text was produced in 1769. This latter revision is the standard KJV text most people are familiar with. In addition, many minor revisions have followed since, such as the 1873 Cambridge text. The following is a sample of these revisions (using Nahum 3:16 as an example). Notice the subtle changes in word choice…

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