About Steve

Grandfather, teacher, husband, minister, father, occasional author, former small business owner, TV/radio broadcaster, dabbler, perennial student, Christian

8 thoughts on “About Steve

  1. Met you this summer at the oriental institute and have really came to enjoy your blog. You do a great job with it

  2. Hi Steve, I am a day plus 4 years late. I was trying to get a copy of “Little things” when I came across your posting of the ad. I was with the Journal when this campaign ran. I started in Feb. of 1979. I also happen to know the entire story behind the Campaign. Yes, there were a number of ads not just “Little Things”. let me know if I can shed some light on this series of messages. And you are correct Harry did not write them.Looking forward to hearing from you
    Former Director of TheWall Street Journal

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