Highlights from a string of transplant updates:


From Lynn Paige:  Eric just went back to the OR. Doctors should be putting in 2 other lines to monitor his blood pressure and breathing. Surgery is expected to last about 8 hours.

Dave’s surgery is going well, and should be done soon.  So now we wait.

From Ellen Vaughn, Eric’s daughter:  He’s going to the OR! Now they will do some more prep, stick a few more tubes in him, and then it will be time.

Nurses and Residents were thanking Daddy for being so patient today (he’s been in the pre-op room for 6 hours) and he replied, “I’ve waited 8 years, what’s a few more hours?”

My Comment:  “Sounds T-Totally like Eric!”

 From Angie Malcomson (Dave’s wife):  Just took Eric Paige back to prep him. That means the doctors should be almost done removing Dave’s kidney. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers. Thank you Elaine Petry and Margo for bringing the snacks. Thanks Johnny O. and Shari Whitby for sitting with us.

I’ll post an update as soon as the doctor comes out.

From Edna Paige (Eric’s mother):  Here is a late morning report: Dave is in surgery now. Eric will be getting all his tubes etc and be going in about noon. The transfer will happen this afternoon.

Wonder of wonders, we have our own waiting room. Ladies from the church brought in snacks. Need I say, the 3:30 wake up time was the middle of the night for me.

From Dave Malcomson (no doubt a milli-second before they grabbed his phone!)

Let’s do this! — at Rush University Medical Center.

My comment: “This is SO “Totally Dave” — up & at ’em!”

Transplant Update

Dave Malcomson’s surgery scheduled to begin at this hour — please join me in prayer!

And from Lynn Paige:

We left the house this morning at 4:30 and arrived at the hospital at 5:15. At 5:30 our families and friends met privately for prayer.

Dave and Eric were both prepped for surgery. We have waited with them in pre-op. Dave was just taken back at 8:45.

The doctors will work on Dave and when they see his kidney is “as good as advertised”, they will start Eric’s surgery. They won’t remove the kidney until Eric is ready to receive it.

Eric has about two more hours to wait while they do Dave’s surgery.


Much as I appreciate the outpouring of support from many friends concerning my surgery and recovery, I am strongly moved this morning to make a special prayer request of all my friends who may read this in various cross-posted venues.

Two good brothers will be undergoing kidney transplant surgery tomorrow morning at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, and I am beseeching all my friends who will do so to PRAY fervently about this!

Eric Paige, known to many of my friends from his time in various churches in Texas and California, is “a sweet singer in Israel” – excellent hymn-worship leader – who travels widely training service reps for Mercedes-Benz USA.  But for years he has uncomplainingly endured the process of regular dialysis that I can’t begin to imagine or describe.  You would never know this if you were not around him much.  Eric was scheduled for a kidney transplant in August which was cancelled almost at the last minute – a crushing disappointment.

Whereupon another of our hymn-worship leaders, Dave Malcomson – a firefighter by profession who regularly goes in harm’s way to protect and save lives and serve others – stepped up and offered to donate a kidney.  The outpouring of love and support from the church in Downers Grove which has showered down upon them is truly spectacular – just one more reason it is such a  privilege to serve with one of the most committed band of disciples I’ve ever encountered.

But while we have had special prayers, including several at last Sunday’s service, I would like to expand the “circle” and enlist the help of others.  Both these men are true servant-leaders, and I am asking all who will: PLEASE pray specifically for them, their families, the surgeons and medical personnel who will attend them, so that the procedures may be free of complications, and that, God willing, they may rejoin their families and serve long in health and strength!

The transplant procedures, originally scheduled for the end of the month, have been moved up to tomorrow.  Eric’s wife, Lynn Ormerod Paige, will be posting updates and I will try to cross-post as appropriate.  PLEASE join me in flooding the heavenly throne with petitions on their behalf!

Praying Atheists – Washington Post

Praying Atheists – Washington Post

Praying Atheists – Washington Post

By  — 24 June 2013

Some excerpts:

New research on atheists by the Pew Research Center shows a range of beliefs. Eighteen percent of atheists say religion has some importance in their life, 26 percent say they are spiritual or religious and 14 percent believe in “God or a universal spirit.” Of all Americans who say they don’t believe in God — not all call themselves “atheists” — 12 percent say they pray.


Atheists deny religion’s claim of a supernatural god but are starting to look more closely at the “very real effect” that practices such as going to church, prayer and observance of a Sabbath have on the lives of the religious, said Paul Fidalgo, a spokesman for the secular advocacy group the Center for Inquiry. “That’s a big hole in atheist life,” he said. “Some atheists are saying, ‘Let’s fill it.’ Others are saying, ‘Let’s not.’ ”


Gordon Melton, a historian of new American religions, said that it’s only been in the past decade that atheists have become organized and the range of their views has therefore become more known. Sociologists have also just begun asking more complex questions about faith to a wider range of respondents.

A HYMN FOR TODAY – Our Faithful Care


Our Faithful Care

“Glory to God!” In all lamentation,
Teach us to suffer like our Lord;
Then may we seek Thy holy compassion,
Our arms outstretched, Thy love outpoured.

“Glory to God!” In all tribulation,
Measure the portion each can bear;
Cover new pain with fresh consolation –
Balm for our hearts to heal and share.

“Glory to God!” In all our tomorrows,
Ready Thy throne for coming prayers,
Some future tears, or some distant sorrows;
Be Thou our God, our Faithful Care. – C.A. Roberts and Glenda B. Schales, 1997

Tune: PARAKALEO – C.A. Roberts and Glenda B. Schales, 1997

#419 in Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, 2012

OUR FAITHFUL CARE takes thoughts from 2 Corinthians 1. Each verse glorifies God for the sufferings and trials He permits. The three verses pray for the proper response to suffering, ask God to allow suffering in tolerable doses, and to expect more prayers as His children experience future trials. (1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Corinthians 1:3-11).

Lament for the Innocents – Psalom

Lament for the Innocents – Psalom